Frequently Asked Questions

How much
do these e-bikes

16kg to 20kg depending on which models you pick. This is comparable to normal push bikes! The battery is an extra 3kg.


Is there rolling resistance from the motor as you pedal along?

No. The motor is designed to roll freely regardless whether it is operating or disengaged. There is no resistance at all. This capability allows you to pedal yourself even faster than the motor speed limit.


What kinds of motors are fitted on your products?

We design advanced brushless front geared hub motors as well as rear direct drive ones.


about noise?

The motor is almost silent, especially on the road, the noise is almost unnoticeable.


Do your products come in rear wheel fitted motor too?

Yes, they do. The front wheel design is the pragmatic, lightweight and cost effective option. Also, when combined with pedaling you get an all-wheel-drive experience which can feel to have better grip and weight distribution. The rear wheel drive on the other hand is made purely for power and speed. Since they can be de-restricted for much greater power for off-road use, they were designed to go on the rear for better traction.

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